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 The Psychic Course


Did you know that devoting insane amounts of time, effort and money to clearing your chakras, combing your aura, and laying with lapis lazuli on your forehead is NOT the road to psychic development? 

Do you wish that you could: 

  • Develop a relationship with spirit without waiting twenty years for it to happen? 

  • Go into all of your readings with confidence without secretly praying that your seeker cancels?

  • Enroll in a psychic development course which gets you results instead of buying psychic development books which make no difference to your development? 

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My name is Lisa Boswell and I am a full-time psychic reading teacher. However, despite the fact that I now teach readers how to give better readings I used to struggle with both my confidence and my psychic development. 

I wanted desperately to develop my psychic reading skills, but everywhere I turned offered me nothing but confusion and (what can only be described as) ‘filler’. A lot of the psychic development books I bought or videos I watched would tell me that I had to clean and clear my chakras, but none ever explained the role this played in my psychic development. 

Not only did I struggle with the New Age psychic philosophy, but I also secretly feared spirits. I had apprehensions over linking with other people’s spirits and worried that I was going to be possessed!

I also lacked confidence. When I began working as a professional reader, I would go into a panic every time someone would order a reading. I had no confidence in my abilities, and even less confidence in my readings. 

 So, what happened? 

I eventually decided to scrap all of the New Age mumbo jumbo and get back to basics. I formed a relationship with my ancestor’s spirits and learned how to call on them for readings. Through working with signs, dreams and contact exercises I learned that spirit is always there - you just have to know how to talk to them! 

However, it took me years to get to where I am now and develop a proper relationship with my ancestral spirits. My confidence did not grow on trees. I had a spend a lot of time, effort and money during my search for psychic development. 

You do not have to take the long road. You do not have to wait years to develop your psychic abilities. In fact, you can develop a relationship with spirit, overcome your fears and read with confidence in only twenty-one days...

 Introducing The Psychic Course


The Psychic Course is a 21-day online program which will turn you from just a reader to a proper diviner. 

 You will get Instant Access

As a student of The Psychic Course you will get complete, instant, lifetime access to the twenty-one day program. Every day, you will gain the knowledge that you need for a life-changing transformation of your psychic abilities. 

The Psychic Course is an online program which you can take at any time. You can access the course on any device (mobile, tablet or computer). 

The Psychic Course covers every thing you need for your psychic reading development. By the end of each you will: 

Day One: Have an accurate idea with where you are with your psychic ability. 

Day Two: Heal any past trauma which is interfering with your psychic abilities. 

Day Three: Learn why you were more psychic in your youth and how to call those abilities back. 

Day Four: Discover what your fears of spirit actually are and learn how to overcome them. 

Day Five: Have the tools you need to make your spirituality a part of your life. 

Day Six: Digest the basics of working with signs from spirit. 

Day Seven: Understand why spirits send you signs. 

Day Eight: Learn how to work out your sign. 

Day Nine: Understand the benefits of following signs. 

Day Ten: Form a relationship with spirt. 

Day Eleven: Know the identify your main ancestral spirit. 

Day Twelve: Learn how to petition spirits. 

Day Thirteen: Be able to link with spirits for readings. 

Day Fourteen: Have the knowledge to be able to link with spirits through your dreams. 

Day Fifteen: Create an inviting space for spirits. 

Day Sixteen: Gain real confidence as a psychic reader. 

Day Seventeen: Align your inner and outer confidence as a reader. 

Day Eighteen: Detach from your future seekers for more accurate readings. 

Day Nineteen: Withdraw from your seekers after heavy-going readings. 

Day Twenty: Have a fully formed pre-reading routine. 

Day Twenty-One: Internalize your achievements as a reader. 

 Why Learn from Me? 

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Do not worry, you’re in safe hands! I have been teaching divination, fortune-telling and psychic development for years. I am not your run-of-the-mill online teacher. After teaching hundreds of students, I know works and what doesn’t, especially when it comes to spirituality.

Teaching psychic readers who want to perform, improve and promote their readings is my full-time job. Since 2014 I have been online both giving and teaching others how to perform better readings. 

Here’s some trivia: 

  • In 2014 I won an international award, The Young Tarosophist of the Year, for my work with Tarot and Lenormand.

  • This pretty website you’re on right now, Read Lenormand sees 50,000 page views each month from people who want to learn how to read Lenormand.

  • My other site, Divination and Fortune-Telling has more than 1 million visitors every year who trust me to teach them Tarot.

  • I have taught at international events, read for magazines, radio shows and have even performed readings live on SKY TV!

Plus, unlike other psychic development teachers I will not have you working on your chakras, doing Yoga or changing your diet. Everything which I teach can be used by anyone from any cultural background or religion. 


How is the course delivered?

If you join The Psychic Course, you will get lifetime access and all future updates. Using the link in the footer of this website, you can easily sign back in and out of the course hosting platform. You can even reset your own password! 

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Videos & Transcripts 

There is a daily video lesson for each day. AND if you’re the type who would rather read than watch videos, there are also video transcripts.

The Psychic Course Private Facebook group.png

Private Group

You will get access to my private, student-only Facebook group. In the group, you will get support from other psychics and diviners. 

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Printable Workbook 

The Psychic Course comes with a printable workbook which includes exercises. These exercises will 10X your psychic development! 

The Psychic Course will be the best investment you ever make in your psychic journey:

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“There is no BS here, no "you have to do this for 1 year...blah blah blah. She takes the "new age shame" out of fortune telling and teaches you exercises and techniques that work. Some of them won't be what you expect but I guarantee they will work! This is the best course on the market today for becoming a great reader no matter what your divination method!” - Ashley, Psychic Course Student.

The Psychic Course is for you even if you have read a million psychic development books. Even if you are not tech-savvy. Even if you’re afraid of spirits, you have no confidence and your readings have been ripped to shreds in the past. Seriously, you will develop your psychic abilities. 

Your Questions, Answered! 

“When will I get access?”

Upon enrollment to The Psychic Course you will get instant access. 

“How can I Access the Course Content?”

Once you enroll in The Psychic Course, you will have access to all of the course content. If you wish to log out, you can. To log back in you can use the link in the footer of this website (Read Lenormand). You can even reset your own password!

“How much does this training cost?”

The Psychic Course is $97 USD

“Are there any Guarantees?” 

YES! There is a 7-day monty back guIf you enroll in The Psychic Course and are not 100% satisfied, just email me at and I will refund you, no questions asked.

“Is this course the same course which you offer on Divination and Fortune Telling”?

Yes! This is the same course, same price, same content.  

“Why Should I Order Now?”

You cannot put a price on having psychic reading confidence. If you are a psychic reader, this course will change your life. You will not regret taking this course, growing in confidence, overcoming your fears and developing a relationship with your ancestors. 

You can enroll here: