Lenormand Key Meaning

Do you want to know what the meaning of the Key card is? Are you curious what Key's beginner interpretation might be? Here is how to read the Lenormand Key card! Includes Key meanings for love, timing, as a person and more!

Below are the interpretations and meanings of the Key Lenormand card. However, on this site, I also have Key card combinations, feel free to check that out too!

33. KEY

Keywords: Significance, that which is important, what needs to be paid attention to, that which is urgent, what needs to be opened up, what needs to be locked away, keys.


Key is one of the most obscure cards in Lenormand, and many readers find it hard to interpret. Ironically, it is one of only a select few cards to have just a couple of possible meanings, but this fact doesn’t seem to make interpreting it any easier.

Lenormand Key card meanings and interpretations. Learn how to read the Lenormand Key card for general, love, business, money, health and other types of readings. In Lenormand decks, Key in relationships.

Key highlights what is important and needs your attention. For example, if you’re reading a Grand Tableau, the House which Key falls into will be a place in your life which you have to deal with urgently. Key is a direct message from your spirits that there is either an issue or an opportunity which you must grab now.

In general, the Key card will represent something which will become significant in your life. For example, a significant career change or love affair.

In some cases, Key can be similar to The Book in that it can highlight secrets. However, Key wants you to take action on what you know. Getting this card can mean that you either need to keep what you’re hiding to yourself (lock away) or share with others (open up). The context and feel of the reading will give more clues to what action you should take.

Like all cards, Key can be literal, and in some rare cases, it can be a real key. I once read at a charity event and the woman getting the reading had lost her key outside of her house. The Lenormand predicted it was in the garden (House - Key - Garden).


Love Meaning: In love readings, Key represents a significant relationship. It can sometimes be the key to your heart.

Career Meaning: Key is an important job.

Business Meaning: Obviously, Key can mean that your business is important to you. Sometimes, it will also mean that you should pay more attention to the details of your business.

Positive: Key is not positive or negative, it merely highlights what is important. However, it is a welcomed card to get in any reading.

Negative: If Key appears in a negative context 99.999% of the time it will be because you're not paying attention to pressing matters or ignoring the obvious.

So, that's it for Key Lenormand card meanings. And, if you’re reading a Grand Tableau and you’re struggling to interpret what your cards mean in each of the houses, be sure to check out the Grand Tableau Reference

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