Lenormand Fish Meaning

Do you want to know what the meaning of the Fish card is? Are you curious what Fish's beginner interpretation might be? Here is how to read the Lenormand Fish card! Includes Fish meanings for love, timing, as a person and more!

Below are the interpretations and meanings of the Fish Lenormand card. However, on this site, I also have Fish card combinations, feel free to check that out too!

34. FISH

Keywords: Finances, money, investments, resources, business, sales, alcohol, rivers, lakes, fish.


The Fish is the card of business and money. Some readers say Bear reflects your personal finances and Fish will speak of business finances. I don’t really use that interpretation because, for me, Fish is the money card. However, feel free to use whichever meaning lights up your soul.

Lenormand Fish card meanings and interpretations. Learn how to read the Lenormand Fish card for general, love, business, money, health and other types of readings. In Lenormand decks, Fish is a card which represents money in relationships.

If you are is in business and The Fish comes up in your Lenormand reading, then this is a positive sign. When the rest of the reading is rosy this card shows that, soon, the sales will start to flood into your company.

Sometimes, this card will speak of other valuable resources which you have. Investments, real estate, and large purchases are all represented by Fish.

In the literal sense, Fish symbolizes fish, water, rivers, and oceans. Sometimes, it can represent liquid and alcohol (drink like a fish!). Drinking too much might become a problem.


Love Meaning: In love readings, I usually see Fish as being a partner’s resources. Sometimes, it may be that you and your partner are about to make a large purchase, such as a house or car. If you are single, Fish may mean that you will get involved with someone who runs their own business.

Career Meaning: Fish can represent a longing for business. You want to break away and work on your own. If this meaning doesn't apply to you, Fish can mean that you will get a bonus or pay increase.

Business Meaning: Fish is the business card so should come up in a business reading. If it doesn’t make an appearance, I would be concerned. Perhaps a lack of fish can mean that your business is not turning a profit.

Positive: Fish is a good card in any reading because it represents financial increases.

Negative: Fish can show up when you have trouble handling money. If you or someone in your life suffers from alcohol abuse, then this will manifest as the Fish card.

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