Lenormand Dog Meaning

Do you want to know what the meaning of The Lenormand Dog card is? Are you curious what Dog's beginner interpretation might be? Here is how to read The Lenormand Dog card! Includes Dog meanings for love, timing, as a person and more!

Below are the interpretations and meanings of the Dog Lenormand card. However, on this site, I also have Dog card combinations, feel free to check that out too!

18. DOG

Keywords: Friends, loyalty, respect, confidants, followers, pets.


The Dog card is a hyper straightforward card and doesn’t need much explanation. Basically, Dog is your seeker’s friends and those who are loyal to them. Anyone in your seeker’s social circle will come up as the Dog card.

Lenormand Dog card meanings and interpretations. Learn how to read the Lenormand Dog card for general, love, business, money, health and other types of readings. In Lenormand decks, Dog is a card which represents loyalty in relationships.

Sometimes, it may also symbolize their followers and people who are waving their flag desperate for them to succeed.

Dog can be the people your client has chosen to confined in. While the person they are leaning on could be a close friend or family member, it can also be someone who is in a position to listen to their problems (such as a therapist or a priest).

Dog can represent your seeker’s pets, especially if they are combined with the House card. Dog doesn’t have to be a dog: it can be fish (Dog + Fish), birds (Dog + Birds), or any other animal.


Love Meaning: Sometimes, friends of your seeker’s lover will come up as Dog, but it can also represent the fact that they view their partner as their best friend.

Career Meaning: If Dog appears in a career reading, it means that your seeker has loyalty to their workmates, bosses, and company.

Business Meaning: As in a career reading, the Dog card represents your seeker’s biggest fans and also their followers online. Sometimes, business partners will appear as Dog.

Positive: Dog will be people who are truly loyal to the seeker if the reading is positive.

Negative: In negative readings, Dog will represent people whom the seeker thinks has their back but doesn’t. Depending on what this card is combined with, false friends can show up as the Dog card.

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