Lenormand Cross Meaning

Do you want to know what the meaning of the Cross card is? Are you curious what Cross' beginner interpretation might be? Here is how to read the Lenormand Cross card! Includes Cross meanings for love, timing, as a person and more!

Below are the interpretations and meanings of the Cross Lenormand card. However, on this site, I also have Cross card combinations, feel free to check that out too!


Keywords: Burdens, struggles, suffering, crosses we bear, pain, sacrifices, religion, symbolism, fate, destiny, the cross.


Many will mistake The Cross as representing something favorable. In modern times, we associate crosses with Jesus, rightfulness and helping others. Sadly, in Lenormand Cross reflects the more negative face of crucifixion. When you think of The Cross, think of Jesus wandering through the streets with a cross strapped to his back while he bleeds to death.

Lenormand Cross card meanings and interpretations. Learn how to read the Lenormand Cross card for general, love, business, money, health and other types of readings. In Lenormand decks, Cross is a card which represents struggles in relationships.

In Lenormand, Cross is the card of suffering and struggles. It will be the crosses which you bear in life. If something is going to be more of a burden than it is worth, Cross will pop up in your reading.

Sometimes, the Cross card is the sacrifices you're making. Just like Jesus died for our sins, you will have to give up something major for something else to be a success. A project may cost you a lot more than you expect.

The odd time, this card can inject an air of religion to your life. The Cross card can embody religion, philosophy, belief, and symbolism. Therefore, the odd time that The Cross doesn't represent a negative meaning in your Lenormand reading, it could be predicting spirituality.


Love Meaning: Cross can signify that you find your relationship more of a burden than a pleasure. However, it will also come up if your partner is suffering from an illness and you act as their caregiver. If you are single, it can suggest that, for the time being, you are meant to be alone.

Career Meaning: Sometimes Cross will appear when you're about to be in trouble at work. Alternatively, you may be playing the martyr or acting as a scapegoat.

Business Meaning: If your business is a heavy burden on you, Cross will embody this meaning. It is entirely possible that you do not want what you have built. In a desirable reading, it can mean that you are fulfilling your destiny through your work.

Positive: Cross can show what is meant to be if this is what you want.

Negative: Cross can show what is not meant to be or what is destined but not enjoyable. In general, it is the card of pain and suffering.

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