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Love Grand Tableaus? Then you need this Quick Grand Tableau Reference!


 You’re not a Unicorn

You’re not here for the self-help, holistic love and rainbow farts. You’re a cave-dwelling oracle with dirty hands and a black ripped dress, who shrieks in the night and lures men to their death. Or even, that’s the fantasy. And that’s why you read Lenormand.

You’re in it for the power of prediction

And yet, you’re stuck. There are cards in your Grand Tableau which you cannot read. And now your future as an historical Lenormand reading banshee is slowly drifting away (womp womp).

As a Lenormand reader, do you:

  • Struggle to interpret your own Grand Tableau?

  • Get confused over what certain cards mean in particular houses?

  • Hit Google every time a card pops up in its own house, or the Scythe appears in the House of Heart? (You know what I mean haha)

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My name is Lisa Boswell and I am a full-time professional Tarot and Lenormand teacher. Despite the fact I do this for a living, for a very long time, I struggled to interpret my own readings.

There were some houses which I just couldn’t grasps, some cards I found it difficult to interpret.

This was an especially massive issue for my personal readings.

When I was reading other people, I did not struggle as much, my intuition would kick in and I could interpret my readings. But, in my own readings, I was just too emotionally invested. I really struggled any time a negative card appeared in a positive house or a positive card landed in a negative house. The worst houses to interpret were the ones which involved love, money, relationships or endings (so, as you can probably tell I was a nervous wreak over my Grand Tableaus!)

One thing which really helped me interpret my Grand Tableau readings, was help from other Lenormand readers. These readers could see things which I couldn’t and assist me in forming the right interpretations.

That’s why I created the Quick Grand Tableau Reference

And what The Lenormand Quick Grand Tableau Reference looks like.png

 I want you to have a resource which you can turn to that will help you interpret what each of the cards mean in each position of your Grand Tableau. With the Quick Grand Tableau Reference, you will know exactly what the cards represent in every position which they land they in.

Unsure what a card means in a certain house? Just flick through to the pages for that house and read the quick prediction.

The Quick Grand Tableau e-book has been designed by me to give you interpretations fast. Along with the quick reference, this 80-page e-book also includes some Grand Tableau FAQs so that you will know exactly what it means to receive a card in its own house, a positive card in a negative house, and more!

 Some Frequently Asked Questions

Q. “Will this guide teach me how to read a Grand Tableau?”

No, this guide contains the meanings of all 36 cards as they appear in each of the houses. However, this does not require any advanced Lenormand skills. As long as you can place your Lenormand cards in four rows of nine, you will be able to use this reference.

Q. “Why should I purchase this e-book?”

If you don’t want to fall down the Google rabbit hole every time you have an important matter to read on, then investing in this e-book is going to be the best thing you ever done!


I cannot interpret your readings or create your readings for you. Also, I cannot give individual instructions on using your own personal printer. However, if you have any issues actually downloading or opening the product, email me at and you’re be taken care of ASAP!


As this is a digital product available at the time of purchase (and is not returnable) I do not offer refunds for this product.

Q. “I am convinced, where can I buy my e-book?”

You can grab your e-book using the secure link below!