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Did you know that with the right resources, direction, and support you can learn everything you need to know about reading Lenormand cards, in only a matter of days?

Do you wish that you -

  • Had all of the information you need to learn Lenormand in one place?

  • Could start making accurate predictions now?

  • Had access to a crash course which promised to teach you exactly what you need to know to get you performing Lenormand readings in record time?

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my Lenormand journey Started by accident….

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The year was 2014 and I was in a seeker’s house performing a Tarot card reading. I have been reading my entire life, so it should have come naturally to me. However, I flipped my cards over and, to my horror, I draw a blank:

My Tarot cards had suddenly stopped working for me!

I scrambled together as much information as I could, and managed to finish the reading. (Spoiler alert: it wasn’t a very good one!)

As a professional reader this was the worst thing which could have happened to me. Sure, I knew plenty of other divination systems, but none of them were clicking at that time. I knew that this meant that there was something else out there, something better. So I took to the internet….

Finally, I discovered Lenormand.

What is Lenormand?

Lenormand is a several hundred year old, 36 card divination system which originated in Western Europe. Each Lenormand cards depicts an object from everyday life such as a Clover, Snake, Man or Woman. Each Lenormand card is read in combination to another card. The system is typically read using three spreads - Strings, Squares, and a Grand Tableau.

Lenormand cards are used specifically for predictive psychic readings.

Unlike with Tarot or Oracle cards, Lenormand cards are used specifically for the purpose of obtaining detailed orientated predictive information, making Lenormand an ideal system to learn for both newbie diviners, and seasoned professionals.

If you’re tried of not being able to get detailed, specific information about the past, present, or future using other divination systems, then Lenormand cards are for you!


Lenormand is…..



Unlike other methods of divination, the Lenormand system still focuses on the predictive side. If you want to make mind-blowing, accurate predictions, about love, career, health and more Lenormand is for you.



Getting insane amounts of detail from your Lenormand cards is a breeze. Lenormand will predict every little detail of your life, from weather forecasts on your birthday, to letters you’ll receive in the mail!


Easy to Learn

Unlike Tarot, there is not an enormous amount of Lenormand cards and keywords to memorise. Lenormand decks only have 36 cards, making learning Lenormand a stupidly simple - the system can be mastered in days.

Not only that but learning Lenormand offers some of the best opportunities for professional readers.

The nature of Lenormand means that performing general readings for strangers is much simpler to do than it is with other popular methods of divination. This results in Lenormand readers having a higher chance at working as professionals, making more money, and pleasing their customers. Learning Lenormand automatically gifts you a range of desirable reading skills including -

  • The ability to make predictions (check!)

  • The ability to perform detailed readings (check!)

  • The ability to perform general readings without questions (check!)

  • The ability to be accurate despite not knowing anything about your seeker beforehand (check!)

  • The ability to look at 36 major life areas including love, career, health, wealth and more during one sitting (check!)

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Learning Lenormand brings Opportunities For Professional Readers

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Fact - Lenormand Readers are in demand

The vast majority (78%) of divination practitioners worldwide who manage to make a full-time living from their reading businesses are Lenormand card readers (that’s more than Palmists!)

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Fact - Lenormand Readers Earn More Money

Of all professional diviners who manage to earn a part-time income from giving readings, a substantial percentage (66%) are Lenormand readers (that’s more than crystal ball readers!)

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Fact - Lenormand has great potential for growth

Lenormand is one of the most desirable divination systems to learn. Most diviners (77%) show a strong interest in mastering the system. In fact, there are more diviners who are interested in learning Lenormand than there are who wish to learn Astrology or Numerology. Now and in the future, reading teachers with experience in Lenormand are going to be in-demand.


Source - The Big Divination Survey (August 2019). A worldwide survey of 947 divination practitioners.