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Myself and Read Lenormand are all over social media. However, it is not the most reliable place to reach me! I am often not active on social media or I get so many notifications they get lost in the rubble. So, the best place you can reach me, is through a contact form below. Please read through the FAQ and if your question is not here, shoot me a message using the contact form.

Q. “I have download a guide or e-book but am having issues, can you help me?”

YES! Hit me up personally at and I will personally help you out ASAP.

Q. “Will you give me a Lenormand card reading?”

I no longer perform readings online; the goal of this site is to teach you how to read yourself. Therefore, I do not perform readings for pay or for free through this site.

Q. “I am struggling with my Lenormand Reading, will you interpret it for me?”

I do not interpret other reader’s readings for them or give them advice of a personalised coaching nature (for example, teaching non-students how to read Lenormand through email or troubleshooting Lenormand issues). However, if a question gets asked by enough readers I may use it as the basis for a future blogpost, so feel free to request blogposts through a contact form below.

Q “Can I interview you for my blog, podcast, website, or Youtube channel?”

YES! I do interviews. Feel free to fill out a contact form below outlining a bit about yourself and your platform, and I will get back to you.

Q. “DO YOU accept guess posts or write for others?”

I am currently not accepting guest posts but I will write for other blogs or websites. Fill out my contact form below!

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